About Us

Lotus Day Spa, Port Vila, Vanuatu - Early EveningClear the mind, cleanse the body and sooth the soul at Vanuatu’s finest spa, the Lotus Day Spa & Café. Set amongst tropical gardens with a bamboo border, is a romantically restored French Provincial Home.  Lotus harmonises its treatments with the stunning natural surrounds and offers a unique and peaceful setting to be pampered and polished to perfection.

As you unwind and leave the busy world behind, we invite you to arrive early and sip a cup of calming tea, an iced fruit cocktail or enjoy a vitalizing herbal elixir as you prepare to receive a beautiful experience of touch.

Holidays are a time to unwind and let yourself go, and Lotus Day Spa & Café gives you the perfect way to do just that. When you arrive back home you will feel as if the weight of the world is off your shoulders and have a brighter and more optimistic view on life.