Our Products

At Lotus Day Spa we use a combination of LaGaia products and 100% organic locally grown products for our signature treatments (some of which are grown on our very own premises and picked just minutes before your treatment begins).

Some of the La Gaia range of products used at Lotus Day Spa, VanuatuThe natural properties of the local organic products used during your treatment provide your skin with many benefits including hydration and restoration.

We use LaGaia’s skin and body care range in many of our treatments. A unique progressive health and eco-conscious company combining nature’s ingredients with skilful technology to respect and restore our skin and body’s biological balance. LaGaia is specifically designed to assist restoration and maintenance of the skin’s natural pH as a simple and effective range for every standard skin type.

If you would like to learn more about our LaGaia products or purchase any of the range, please email us for more information.

We are working on an online shopping system for you to easily purchase the products we use.

You can have them delivered to you anywhere in the world; so you may continue to pamper yourself by taking a little of your Lotus experience with you wherever you go.