Body Therapy

Body Detox & Renewal

about 1h 45m / 18,000vt

A cleansing combination of full body exfoliation followed by the OTIUM detoxifying and purifying body mask to tone. This therapeutic technique uses a gentle pumping motion to drain pockets of water retention and trapped toxins which helps eliminate cellulite and improve your skin’s texture.  A relaxing shoulder and neck massage is carried out during the envelopment.  Enjoy a warm and soothing tropical rain shower, nourishing body balm application concluded by a luxurious Petite Facial.

OTIUM Wave – Reducing, Tighening, Firming & Toning

about 1h  / 17,000vt

Accupressure and micro current stimulation treatment to your choice of two body parts including thighs, waist or arms/Microsoft PowerPoint - Spa Conceptchest or bottom and thighs with our all natural body butter to help reduce, firm and contour your body. During the micro current stimulation you will receive your choice of head or foot massage.


OTIUM Wrap – Detox, Toning and Slimming Body Treatment 

about 1h 30m / 17,900vt

The OTIUM Wrap deeply penetrating body mask in conjunction with the body wrap causes fat cells to release toxins and fats so it can be eliminated out of the body. This treatment includes a tropical rain shower to open your pours and stimulate the lymphatic system followed by the hand painted all natural OTIUM body mask, wrap and then head and foot massage during emulsification, a cleansing rainwater shower completed with body moisturizer and measuring.



Using combinations of rich natural ingredients, our full-body exfoliation treatments gently buff away dry dead skin cells sealing in moisture and leaving behind soft, radiant skin. By increasing the circulation we stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins promoting rehydration and revealing silky smooth skin. All scrubs conclude with a tropical soothing rain shower and an application of locally produced Coconut Oil. Our body scrubs are an ideal treatment prior to any massage or other body treatment.


Calming Cocanilla Body Polish

about 40 mins / 5900vt

including shower time

Coconut referred to as “The Tree of Life” and long appreciated by the islanders for its many benefits, is used in this calming experience.  Your therapist combines freshly grated organic coconut, oils and Vanuatu vanilla beans to smooth the skin and take your senses on a journey.

Sea Salt & Lime Body Scrub


about 40 mins / 5900vt

including shower time

Handmade on the premises at Lotus, this invigorating treatment is a blend of pure sea salt in a base of natural and essential oils.  The sea salt exfoliates and cleans the skin while the natural oils moisturize and leave your skin with a satin glow.   Step into our tropical rain shower to complete this tropical signature.


Cafe Mocha Body Scrub

about 40 mins / 6800vt

including shower time

For all you coffee lovers out there, a wake-up call for the skin!  Using our very own Tanna Coffee & locally produced Kakao Chocolate.  The aroma is nothing less than sensational and your skin will feel amazingly smooth, soft and sensual.  A deliciously unforgettable experience completed with our signature ‘Iced Coffee’.   Highly recommended!