Pour Homme (For Men)

Pour Homme (For Men)

Calling all men in need of relaxation and rejuvenation.  Relax and watch your worries melt away as one of our friendly, experienced and professional therapists work their magic to relief your muscular fatigue and mental stress.  A perfect treatment for the weary male workaholic and an ideal opportunity to regain peace of mind and improve your level of calmness!


You’re The Man Packages

Bliss for Boys                                   about 1.5h  |  7,500vt

60min Rejuvenating Massage

Footprints in the Sand

Man Alive                               about 2h 30m  | 12,500vt


Cafe Mocha Body Scrub

60min Rejuvenating Massage



Gentleman’s Retreat              about 2h 30m  |  11,200vt


Full Body Hot Stone Massage

Men’s Express Facial

Footprints in the Sand


Especially For Men

Surrender your body.  Rejuvenate your Soul.  Calling all men in need of relaxation and rejuvenation.  We welcome and applaud our male clientele for wisely investing in their physical health, appearance and well-being.


Ultimate Indulgence Massage                                                         2hours | 9,900vt

If you are looking for the ultimate indulgence in a massage, look no further! This tailor made, full body massage concentrates on relieving specific stress and muscle tension with focused attention on the areas most overlooked including the feet, hands, head and shoulders.   Deeply relaxing and designed to energize the total body, you will see why we call this massage….the “Ultimate Indulgence”!

Men’s Lotus Signature Facial                                                            60mins | 5300vt

This facial is tailored to the special needs of a man’s skin. It begins with a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and toning.  A massage of the face and neck will be performed for relaxation followed by the application of a customized treatment mask. This facial will leave your skin looking refreshed and revitalized. (Extractions upon request)

Nail Care for Men

All our MAN-icures and Pedicures include bathing and hydrating the hands and feet in a relaxing soak, followed by exfoliation with our homemade scrub. Nothing gives the sophisticated look today’s men seek like a professional MAN-icure and Pedicure.  Each involves a thorough cuticle treatment, a handsome shaping of the nails, and a soothing massage of the hands and/or feet to complete the session.


             MAN-icure   |  3500vt

             Pedicure        | 3800vt

             Quickie Clean & File         | 1200vt

Men’s Hair Cut   | 1500vt

Men’s Hair Cut & Beard Shaping   |  3000vt 

Manscaping (Hair removal for Men)

Guybrows  | 1800vt                                         Forearms | 2800vt

Chest or Back | 4500vt                                    Full arms | 4000vt

Ears | 2000vt                                                    Half leg | 4400vt

Nose | 2000vt                                                  Full Leg | 6000vt

Neck | 2000vt                                                  Full Body | approx 15,000vt