Whatever the reason you choose to have a massage, be if for pampering, rejuvenation, or to relieve stress or muscular tension, massage therapy can be incredibly beneficial.

Our team of professional massage therapists are dedicated to providing you with the best massage experience possible.

So browse our extensive Massage menu and enjoy the gift of touch!

Four Hands 4 One

60m / 9500vt – 90m / 12,400vt

The ultimate indulgent full body massage using a combination of flowing rhythmic techniques with exotic Volcanic Earth coconut oil. Two therapist’s work in unison with synchronous hands & arms flowing seamlessly over your entire body.  Like a symphony of strokes, Four Hands 4 One massage is a blissful experience for psyche and soul.

Hot Stone Therapy

60m / 5900vt   – 90m (full-body) / 7900vt

Unique warmed Vanuatu Volcanic stones are used as a massage tool.  These heated stones induce a deep state of relaxation, and impart healing properties as the heat penetrates deep into your muscles. The stones are held in the therapists hands and their presence would go unnoticed if it was not for the occasional clicking of the stones as they meet.  A beautiful treatment that combines massage and heat to leave you completely relaxed and calm. Just feel the warmth!


Healing Hands (by appointment only)

60m 11,000vt / 90m  14,000vt

This Reiki treatment is a deeply relaxing and healing experience.  The Japanese word “Reiki” actually translates to “Universal Life Force Energy.”  Mind, body and soul are balanced and restored to result in a feeling of tranquillity and calm.


60m 5500vt  / 90m 7500vt

This full body deep tissue massage is customised for your specific needs while focusing on areas of discomfort, relieving stress and muscular tension.  Using local organic Coconut oil as the massage medium, your skin and body will feel rejuvenated.


60m 5700vt / 90m  7700vt

Take your body on a “scent”ual journey beginning with hot towels to soothe your soles followed by a full body deeply relaxing massage (choosing either light, medium or firm pressure) using a combination of therapeutic touch and expertly blended aromatherapy oils.  Choose between our “Drift Away” or “Spirit Reviver” blends to enhance your journey.

little bit of bliss massage

Island in the Sun “Burn” Relief

60m / 5800vt | 90m 7800vt

Treat your beach body to an aloe vera and green tea infused treatment designed to soothe sun exposed skin.  This cooling & calming island massage will help to reduce skin irritation and aid in repairing the damaging effects of overexposure to the elements while restoring skin’s moisture levels.

Mum 2 Be

60m / 5800vt | 90m 7800vt

A specialised full body massage which helps reduce stress, anxiety and many of the physical discomforts experienced during pregnancy.

Little Bit of Bliss

30m / 3200vt       60m / 5200vt

This massage helps to relieve muscle pain and restores balance to the body by tapping into the three main areas most affected by stress, the back, neck and shoulders.

Head’s Up – Imperial Head Massage

20m / 2200vt

Tired, fatigued & drained?  Get that out of your head and fall head over heels for this – a touch of Indian Head and Shoulder massage includes pressure point massage of the shoulders, neck and scalp.  This treatment helps to promote natural hair growth.


Off – site Massage

Relax in the comfort of your own accommodation as Lotus is brought to you.

Advance reservations recommended.  Price on Request.