Beauty Therapy


waxingFor your comfort the best strip and hot waxing products are used with extra care.  Waxing treatments are followed by an aloe vera & green tea soothing gel to assist in reducing any inflammation.

Female Waxing


Upper Lip or Chin | 1500vt

Eyebrows | 2000vt

Full face |  3200vt

Underarms | 2000vt

Full arms | 3500vt

Half Leg | 3500vt (hotwax 4500vt)

Full leg | 5000vt (hotwax 6000vt)

Bikini  | 3000vt

G-String | 3500vt

Brazilian  | 5,500vt  (first time – 6,500vt)

Manscaping (Hair Removal for Men)


Guybrows “Brow Maintenance for Men” | 2,000vt

Chest or Back  | 5,000vt (hot wax 6,000vt)

Ears  |  2,400vt

Nose  |  2,400vt

Neck  |  2,400vt

Forearms |  3,500vt

Full arms  | 5,000vt

Half leg | 5,500vt 

Full Leg | 7,500vt

Full Body  |  approx 18,000vt (excluding face & underarms)



We have lash & brow tinting services to define and accentuate your eyes, your therapist will stay with you throughout your treatment and provide a foot or hand massage while waiting for your tint to process.

Lashes | 2,200vt

Brows | 1,500vt

Lashes & Brows | 3,500vt